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  • Batching Plant&Mixer

    Mixing plant is necessary for Precast Concrete factory. We can provide different sizes mixing plants for customers according to different productivity

  • Cutting Machine

    This machine is widely used in construction projects to cut the Prestressed Concrete Cored Slab meeting tensile strength into the sizes required by the customer. This machine is compact, efficient, co

  • Tensioning Machine

    LYZ-1 and DL-1type jacking machine are special equipment for fabrication of middle and small concrete building block suitable for prestress jacking on cold drawn low carbon wires of ¢3.¢4.¢5 in long l

  • Feeding System

    It is specially designed by our researchers for GLY prefabrication slab machine, width a feature of side turn down to for concrete directly into the hopper of the shaping mill, decreasing labor force

  • lab Factory Lifting Tool

    We can design and manufacture different type lifting quipment according to the costomer demands.

  •   Prestressed concrete hollow slab automatic multi-angle cutting machine

    Prestressed concrete hollow slab automatic multi-angle cutting machine is used to cut the prestressed concrete component which have been initially formed and reached a certain strength by the diamond

  •  Precast concrete hollow slab multi-function trolley

    Precast concrete hollow slab multi function trolley is used for hollow core slab platform for cleaning, release agent spraying and wire pay-off process.